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Jerry's Famous Deli, Inc. (JFD) is an operator of New York deli-style restaurants and a gourmet market. The Company operates 10 restaurants, including seven in southern California operating under the name Jerry's Famous Deli, one in southern California operating under the name Solley's and three in southern Florida operating under the name Wolfie Cohen's Rascal House. The Company also operates The Epicure Market, a specialty gourmet market located in Miami Beach, Florida. In southern California, the seven Jerry's Famous Deli restaurants have the look and feel of a New York deli-style restaurant, with Broadway as the theme, and posters and colored klieg lighting creating the setting. 

Guy Starkman
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Jason Starkman

Christina Sterling
Chief Financial Officer

Ami Saffron
Director of Development, Vice-President